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Dog Survivor Of An Attack In Colombia Seeks A Forever Home

Steven is a dog who was one of the attack’s silent victims in San José, Barranquilla (Colombia), in January of this year, which resulted in the deaths of six police officers and more than 40 injuries. The dog that was formerly adopted by a police station is now searching for a lifelong family. He’s aware of his tale.

Steven first came at a family’s Barranquilla residence as a puppy one day in December 2015. The little boy played all afternoon in a nearby field with the house’s kids, and as night fell, the kids’ mother was forced to decide whether or not to adopt him. Then, they referred to him as Steven.

Facebook/ Pinky Carillo

He was taken in by the neighborhood as one of their own. All the neighbors adored Steven since he was usually very gregarious and energetic, but nobody was able to provide him with a home.

Every morning as the police officers drew up at the San José station, the dog greeted them and leapt and waggled his tail. When the unimaginable occurred, he was there with two other canines who were his companions, Negro and Mono.

Facebook/ Pinky Carillo

Steven got up early on January 27 to make it to the training, and at exactly 6:40 he felt an explosion that would forever alter his life. Six police officers were killed in the attack, including Black and Mono. Steven searched the area for his companions until his injuries forced him to fall down.

Steven was found laying outside the station by the police rescue team when they got on the scene. They were concerned by his bloodied legs and the shrapnel on his torso, but after inspecting him, they determined that he had no major injuries.

Facebook/ Pinky Carillo

It was first believed that the dog had just lost a tooth when his picture went popular on social media, however this was untrue.

Facebook/ Pinky Carillo

Civil defense lifeguard Rosalba Carrillo had been concerned about Steven and recognized that even though he had gotten first aid, he still need professional medical care.

Rosalba went back to the spot and discovered the puppy hiding behind the police car. She was quite persistent and ultimately won Steven’s trust, allowing her to take him to the veterinarian.

Facebook/ Pinky Carillo