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Pregnant Cow Kneels In Slaughterhouse Begging To Be Let Live

Without a doubt, all living things, even those that have historically been used as food by humans, have the right to life. There are several tales that demonstrate, without prejudice towards any one species and in particular to skeptics, that animals are likewise sentient beings that have the right to life.

The story of the pregnant cow that knelt to ask for her life before being sacrificed serves as an illustration of this.

The tragic incident took place in a slaughterhouse in the southern Chinese city of Tongyu, and the staff members there were amazed to witness how the animal begged for its life.


Although it is clear that the pig will be killed and then sold for its flesh, it is unknown if the employees were aware that it was pregnant. The cow managed to persuade the folks not to kill her after pleading, battling, and refusing to walk.

In a video, you can see that even though the animal was restrained, it refused to move and knelt down when it arrived at its destination. All the onlookers were captivated by the animal’s cries of distress and appeals since she even started crying while being pulled.


It was clear from the perspective of multiple witnesses that the cow was pleading for both her own life and the life of her young.

After one of the employees recorded a video of the event and posted it on the Chinese social network Weibo, the issue gained widespread attention. Millions of viewers have seen the video since it was posted, and a hashtag related to the cow has received countless replies.


Everyone who has watched the video has responded when they see the tragic scene where the animal sobs and kneels.

In the little more than a minute-long video, you can see how the employees fight to transport the animal to the slaughterhouse but encounter resistance. The slaughterhouse personnel made the decision to save the animal’s life after engaging in a prolonged struggle with him in which they were unable to accomplish their goal.

This choice was also influenced by a number of witnesses who saw the incident and unfortunately saw the creature’s pleading.


Local resident Lin Wangbo, who assisted in the endeavor, discussed the rescue with the media, saying:

“The cow started to bow her head as they were transporting her to the slaughterhouse. She knelt down once again and began to sob as they attempted to carry her inside.

Several animal enthusiasts decided to take matters into their own hands and aid in the rescue as a result of the video’s immediate internet success.


The only option was to purchase the cow from its owner because it would not be butchered but also could not be kept in place. Knowing this, animal activists made the decision to gather money to purchase the animal and modify their way of life.

Says Lin

We aimed to gather enough money to purchase and release the cow.