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This School For Dogs’ Star Student Is A Tiny Pig

Pigs are one of the brightest creatures on the planet, but one tiny pig in particular has been outsmarting her canine companions.

Amy Trotter, a 6-month-old 45-pound pig from Kent, Washington, recently joined in her local obedience school,

where she soon shocked trainers and other students by becoming the outstanding pupil.

Amy’s owner, Lori Stock, told Seattle’s Komo 4 News, “She is the brightest dog I’ve ever trained.”

Amy is further helped by the fact that, being a pig, she is strongly motivated by food.

The baby pig can be seen weaving around poles, conquering a seesaw, and even getting a massage on a YouTube account.

Amy demonstrated her talents at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show on Saturday, when she performed a comedy and a freestyle dance routine with her canine friends.

At the event, Stock told the Seattle Times, “It’s been really amazing to me just how responsive and how connected she has gotten with me.”

“I watch her kind of shine from within when she does things right… like she’s pleased of herself,” she continued.

“Not so much because she delighted me, but because she accomplished something that pleased her.”

According to Komo 4 News, Amy has previously completed a “Puppy Manners” program and is presently enrolled in an agility and obedience course at the Family Dog Training Center.

Amy was not unexpected, according to Kathy Lang, the facility’s owner, because the center has previously had a pygmy goat as a student.

Amy lives with Stock and her husband, two rats, and five dogs when she isn’t showing off.

Stock told the Seattle Kennel Club, “The dogs really consider Amy as one of their own kind.”

“They sleep side by side on the living room dog beds when it’s nap time.”

Pigs make excellent pets, but they require well-prepared and sympathetic owners.

Many individuals are duped by breeders that promise to sell “teacup” pigs, which are actually immature or hungry pigs

that are frequently abandoned when their owners discover they’re going to have a full-grown pig on their hands.